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 Auto Accident FAQ's 
  • Q. What should I do when I am involved in a car accident?
    A. You should first, call 911. Next, call the Doctors Injury Group help line: (727) 381-3600, which is available 24/7. Thirdly, report your car accident to your insurance company, and finally receive a thorough physical exam with one of Doctors Injury group experienced chiropractic physicians within 24-48 hours after your auto accident.

  • Q. Is there a time limit set to seek medical attention?
    A. Yes, you must seek medical care for injuries resulting from an auto accident within 14 days of your accident, or no Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits will be paid. Meaning, if you seek medical attention after 14 days from the date of your accident, your medical bills will not be paid by your auto insurance company. This new legislation went into effect January 1, 2013.

  • Q. If my auto accident occurred when I was going less than a 10 miles per hour, can I be injured?
    A. Yes, studies show that persons involved in an car accident under 10 miles per hour can experience varying degrees of injuries. "Chronic pain resulting from low-speed collisions may be explained by partial tears of the soft tissues, including anulus fibers, ligaments, and avascular cartilage. Because of poor blood supply, these tissures may not completely heal following injury, resultin gin altered cervical spine kinematics that can lead to accelerated degenerative changes and clinical instability." (ItoS, Ivancic PC, Panjabi MM, Cunningham BW. Soft-tissue injury threshold during simulated whiplash: a biomechanical investigation. Spine 2004;29:979-987. American Medical Association. Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 5th Edition 2000)

  • Q. If I don't feel any pain after my auto accident, do I still need to seek a physical exam?
    A. Yes, car accident injuries have the potential to run the risk of showing mild symptoms in the beginning and progressively get worse over time due to an underlying injury. Every patient is different and you should not guide your own care off another persons experience and comments. Our board certified chiropractic physicians are experienced in treating auto accident injuries and can determine if you are injured or not.

 Auto Insurance FAQ's 
  • If I am not at fault, do I report my car accident to my insurance company?
    Yes, your auto insurance company may require that you notify them right away in order to take advantage of your rights under the policy.

  • Will Doctors Injury Group bill my insurance company for treatment received?
    Yes, Doctors Injury Group will work with you and, in most cases, file bills to your auto or health insurer, as appropriate.

  • If I have an attorney, does Doctors Injury Group accept letter of protection?
    Yes, In most cases, Doctors Injury Group will accept a LOP (Letter of Protection) from your attorney.


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